We are working on ten research projects on drug design, discovery, and development for infectious and non-infectious diseases.


We are developing a comprehensive database of bioactive compounds, including both virtual and live compounds.


Phytos.AI is a revolutionary engine designed to transform drug discovery. This cutting-edge technology is constantly evolving, potentially revolutionizing the drug design process.

Collaborative Projects

Antiviral drug discovery

We are implementing a drug discovery project in partnership with the University of Dodoma (UDOM) to discover lead antiviral compounds, emphasizing SARS-COV-2, HIV, and influenza.

In collaboration with ITM-MUHAS we are implementing a project to discover natural products with potential SARS-COV-2 targeting viral cell entry and replication inhibition. We are employing our insilico engine that has successfully nominated candidates for experimental testing.

On-going wholly owned Projects





Prostate Disorder

Partnership and Collaborations

Our platform enables us to collaborate with top biotech companies, academic institutions, R&D centers, and pharmaceutical firms to address intricate biological and chemical issues, gain therapeutic insights for new or existing drugs or herbal medicines, and create innovative drugs and herbal medicines. 

Some of our partners and collaborators are here