Our Leadership




Scientific Advisory Board

Our team is unwavering in its pursuit of excellence. We are a diverse collective of scientists and business professionals committed to enhancing the quality of life. Our mission revolves around optimizing the discovery, design, and development of top-tier pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies, leveraging cutting-edge computer-aided drug design tools.


Daniel M. Shadrack, PhD

Chairman of the Board, Executive Director & CEO

Emiliana Z. Biseko, Msc

COO & Chief Technology Officer

Akinyi Lydia Sassi, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Scientific Advisory Board

Our company is guided and advised by a team of highly accomplished business professionals and scientists. Their expertise ensures strategic direction and innovative solutions.

Previous Internship & Field Attachment

Naserian D Kambaine

Atomistic simulation & Medicine formulation and development.

Linda O Lazaro

Machine Learning and Chemi-informatics.

Partnership and Collaborations

Our platform enables us to collaborate with top biotech companies, academic institutions, R&D centers, and pharmaceutical firms to address intricate biological and chemical issues, gain therapeutic insights for new or existing drugs or herbal medicines, and create innovative drugs and herbal medicines. 

Some of our partners and collaborators are here