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Computer Aided drug design

At iPhytos we develop and apply integrated computational chemical simulation tools for rapid natural products/drugs chemical space exploration with higher predictive accuracy. The tools and approaches are more able to solve complex chemical problems in all drug discovery and development stages with higher success rates.

We provide expertise in computer-aided drug design to reduce guesswork work, which is resourceful, costly, and time-consuming. Our team is available to remove all these constraints for you.

We are always available to interact with you and your team to make a successful drug discovery project. We provide advanced computational resources and direct specialization by employing our in-house tools, commercial sources, and open-source tools.

Our PhytoData: A chemical space database

Virtual Compounds

Our PhytoData contains virtual compounds with druglike properties.

Live compounds

We are developing a database with live compounds with validated molecular targets or for further testing and validation and trials.