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We are End-to-end in silico drug design experts

Our Vision

Our Mission

Welcome to iPhytos Company Tanzania Ltd, the esteemed reader. We take pride in being the best biotech company in Tanzania and Eastern Africa. Our goal is to excel in accelerating the drug discovery process from ideation to marketplace by developing and using cutting-edge in-silico technologies.

To achieve this, we combine the power of atomistic simulations with artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, and biophysics. Our tools and approaches have shown great potential in discovering potent lead molecules with antiviral properties against SARS-COV-2, anti-BPH, and other successful drug candidates. Thanks to our pipeline, we have already registered one medicine.

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To be the leading accelerator in discovering and developing drug and herbal medicine that will contribute significantly to social health of people’s lives

Our Mission

To discover and develop drugs and herbal medicines through the use of cost effective insilico technologies

Our Core Values

Work Smart & Innovation

Integrity, Trust & Trustworthy

Agility & Customer First

Partnership and Collaborations

Our platform enables us to collaborate with top biotech companies, academic institutions, R&D centers, and pharmaceutical firms to address intricate biological and chemical issues, gain therapeutic insights for new or existing drugs or herbal medicines, and create innovative drugs and herbal medicines. 

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